Sunday, January 12, 2014

Not Much. You?

There hasn't been a lot new going on here. We had some neighbors over for drinks and appetizers between Christmas and New Years, but otherwise it's just been normal stuff; the snow/melt/death-luge-ice-driveway cycle continues, the sun rises and sets, and the Beastie Grrrlz bark at squirrels on the deck, turkeys in the yard, and deer in the forest.

That said, when you're cutting biscuits you may as well cut them pibble-shaped.

For Christmas, Eric's mom gave me a great set of pit bull themed cookie cutters that I'd been coveting.  They make for big biscuits, but that 's only appropriate.


  1. Wooo! Love when people get you gifts you've been coveting. Fun biscuit shapes are so much more exciting to eat in the morning.
    No photo's of your first neighbor get together at your place? Have I taught you nothing? :)

  2. Or at noonish when we ate them!

    Yeah, I decided to just enjoy the party and to not subject my neighbors to internet fame.


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