Monday, January 20, 2014

Gaining Traction

I finally got some mechanical help footing it around the death-luge-ice-driveway!  Thanks to the REI gift card from Eric's Aunt Sally and a gift card with some remaining balance, I got some "treads" as I've been calling them.  They have revolutionized dog walking and firewood fetching, not to mention trips to and from the shop.  WOO!

My ICEtrekkers, installed on my biggest, warmest boots. After reading lots of the reviews and considering my needs, these seemed the a good choice so far I'm very pleased.

That said, when you're cutting biscuits you may as well cut them Tyrannosaurus rex shaped.

The lighting was terrible, the biscuits were not.  That blob on the bottom right? Eric claims it's the meteor that wiped the dinosaurs out.


  1. Oh, awesome! Been thinking about this a bit, and was going to suggest zip-ties, but this is so much better!

    1. I wish I'd thought of zip ties while I was waiting!

    2. I'm not looking forward to when I finally step in some of the mystery poop I find around here. It's gunna be a beyotch to clean out of there.

    3. Yeah, I hear that. We can *see* it now, but it's all frozen into place, and cannot be removed without a pickaxe. Yikes. Good luck with yours!


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